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Business Litigation and Arbitrations

The Business Litigation and Arbitrations Practice Group is led by Carl F. Schoeppl, a former senior federal prosecutor with the SEC.    Mr. Schoeppl’s prior experience in prosecuting securities fraud cases on behalf of the SEC for over a half a decade and his substantial experience in prosecuting cases on behalf of plaintiffs and defending cases on behalf of defendants in complex business litigation and arbitration matters on approximately a 50%/50% basis over the past 20 years places him in a unique position to litigate cases on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal court business litigation matters and on behalf both claimants and respondents in industry and customer arbitration proceedings.  Members of the Business Litigation and Arbitrations Practice Group have handled complex commercial litigation and arbitration matters in a wide variety of contexts including, among others, temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunctive proceedings in federal and state court, covenants not to compete, raiding cases, enforcement of commercial loan and security agreements, forgivable loan cases, Form U-5 Defamation Cases, civil theft cases, FDUPTA cases,  civil RICO  cases, admiralty cases, mass tort cases, unfair competition cases, restraints of trade cases, employment contract cases, theft of trade secrets, tortious interference cases, business torts,  wrongful termination cases, broker-dealer recruiting cases, broker-dealer protocol cases, broker-dealer transition cases, regulatory enforcement actions by the SEC, CFTC, and FTC, regulatory enforcement actions by state regulators, such as the Florida Office of Financial Regulation and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Florida Bar disciplinary proceedings, derivative securities actions, class actions, adversary proceedings in federal bankruptcy actions, receivership proceedings in federal and state court, SIPC liquidation proceedings in federal court, FINRA enforcement proceedings, regulatory proceedings self regulatory organizations, appellate litigation, and FINRA customer and industry arbitration proceedings.   The unique blend of commercial litigation experience of the members of this practice group enables them to provide clients with comprehensive representation in all facets of business litigation.

Types of Business Litigation and Arbitration Matters We Handle

      • Commercial Loan and Security Cases
      • TRO Cases in Federal and State Court
      • Commercial Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation, and Business Tort Cases in Federal and State Court
      • Covenant Not to Compete Enforcement and Defense in Federal and State Court
      • Enforcement of Arbitration Clauses
      • Statutory Fraud Cases
      • Common Law Fraud Cases
      • Breach of Contract Cases
      • Breach of Fiduciary Cases
      • Enforcement of Non-Disclosure/Non-Circumvention Clauses
      • Enforcement of Commercial Loan, Credit, and Security Agreements in Federal and State Court
      • Usury Cases
      • Forgivable Loan Cases
      • Theft of Trade Secrets
      • Unfair Competition
      • Employment Contract Cases
      • Wrongful Termination Cases
      • Broker Raiding Cases
      • Broker Protocol Cases
      • Form U-5 Defamation Cases
      • Broker-Dealer Defense in FINRA Customer Arbitrations
      • Unfair Trade Practices Cases
      • Business Partnership Disputes
      • Minority Shareholder Litigation
      • Receivership Litigation
      • Litigation of Adversary Proceedings in Bankruptcy Court
      • Florida Bar Disciplinary Proceedings arising out of Securities Enforcement Matters
      • Regulatory Litigation
      • Franchise Fraud
      • Business Opportunities Fraud
      • Unfair Trade and Deceptive Trade Practices
      • FTC Defense
      • Franchise Litigation
      • Asset Freezes
      • Forfeitures
      • Fraudulent Transfers
      • Clawback Claims
      • Constructive Trust

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