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Trial Support

The firm provides trial support to other law firms that often involve critical aspects in the case on which the entire litigation turns.  For example, defeating a dispositive motion, such as a motion for summary judgment, can be a critical lever in incentivizing a party to settle a case.  Conversely, prevailing on a key evidentiary issue, such as precluding an expert witness from testifying, can also turn the tide of the case.   We are available to assist law firms in preparing or opposing various motions at the trial court and post-trial level in state and federal court, including, but not limited to:

  • Motions for TRO’s, Preliminary Injunctive Relief, and Permanent Injunctive Relief
  • Motions to Dismiss
  • Motions for Summary Judgment
  • Motions to Preclude Expert Testimony under Daubert and Kumho Tire
  • Motions to Compel Arbitration
  • Motions in Limine
  • Motions for Directed Verdict in State Court
  • Motions for Judgment as a Matter of Law in a Jury Trial in Federal Court
  • Motions for New Trial
  • Motions for Default Judgment
  • Motions to Alter or Amend a Judgment
  • Motions for Relief from a Final Judgment
  • Motions for the Appointment of a Receiver

Our appellate experience can also assist trial lawyers in preserving the record for appeal on key issues at the trial court level.  Being proactive on a pivotal issue enhances the likelihood of success on appeal for a party who is seeking to affirm a favorable result or for a party who is seeking to reverse an adverse decision.  Alternatively, our involvement at the trial court stage may obviate the need for an appeal altogether which is particularly helpful when a party is trying to bring closure to a litigation matter.

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